Sound Effects for Soundtracks

17 11 2010

If you are looking for just the right sound for your audio soundtrack to go with your latest film check out A FREE search engine designed to find you the right audio for your needs. Great for education.

Great Video and Pic Downloads for Education Projects

13 07 2010


I teach classes in music technology and media technology. Areas of investigation include creating audio soundtracks to video and still pics as well as video editing. I have dicovered that old TV shows are perfect for this type of project. They are fun to work with and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. One great place I found for downloads (some free) is at a site called LTV Liketelevision. They have everything from old vintage cartoons to old commercials. You can download from the pay library for minimal costs.

Stoking a Music Fan’s Fancy With Apps That Rock

21 05 2010

Many musicians have been waiting to get their hands on an iPAD to see what it can do. I think most artists will want one anyway just because…. just because! There are some very interesting music apps on the market already that will run on the iPAD but …. Read this interesting article in the New York Times online by BOB TEDESCHI on some of the applications available for ipad and iphone.

The ipad and iphone have brought a whole new element to the creation of music. Non musicians can now compose music using some of the new computer assisted music programs. It is a fun way to enjoy music on a new level. No, you will not create orchestrations like Beethoven of Frank Zappa but it is still a way to stimulate and use your creative juices. Especially for young composers getting their feet and ears wet.

Virtual Audience Sound Effects

26 03 2010

The Virtual audience sound effect site is great if you are in need of a few audio sound bites to bring a school play to life. Everything from an audience screaming with fright to a guy barfing.