Easy YouTube Looping Trick

30 01 2014

If you use YouTubes in the classroom and want to put one on continuous repeat mode just change the URL. I am teaching a film soundtrack unit and asking students to create their own soundtrack for a film. To practice as a group I was replaying the YouTube without sound and getting students to try out different concepts. One of my students suggested I use an easy trick to put the YouTube on loop.

Here is a screen shot of the URL on the original YouTube page.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.08.14 PM



All you have to do is replace the word “tube” of “youtube” in the URL with the word “repeat” so it looks like this and you will be taken to another page where when played the YouTube repeats itself in a loop.  Pretty easy and useful!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.07.53 PM

Easy and Quick Bibliographies with Easybib and NoodleTools

17 10 2012

If you or your students find creating accurate bibliographies complicated try using Easybib or NoodleTools.  Both make creating a bibliography a snap.Both come recommended and use several accepted bibliography formatting.

Changing from iWeb to Sandvox

6 08 2011

With Apple discontinuing their Apple iWeb software and hosting on me.com I was looking for another replacement. There really isn’t much to choose from but there is one that I came across called Sandvox by Karelia, that allows posting without using an ftp client app like Fetch or FileZilla.

I still miss iWeb as Sandvox has less options included in the basic software (however you can buy plugins which would make it a little better), yet it is still far behind iWeb. However, it is by far the best app I could find. Adobe is probably better as it is the pro application, however I tried the trial and found the interface really clunky in design. So much so that I gave up after about 30 minutes.

I will definitely miss iWeb. I loved the ability to customize the site. Especially using a picture as a background for a page or set the color of the bachground. With Sandvox you cannot do either.

I also liked that fact that I could password protect my site when I have protected files that I only want to share with my students and not everyone on the internet.

Sandvox also links with A2Hosting for a quick and easy setup. When stumped filling in the necessary data in Sandvox’s setup window I just asked for online help and they came back within a few hours with the necessary fix. It is also offered at a competitive price.

I would also like to mention how helpful and timely A2Hosting was with their help information while I was getting set up. They always supplied me with solutions to my problems within hours of a request. Excellent service.

Check them out online and see what you think. Here is a Sandvox “Electronic Referral Kit” for your pleasure http://c.karelia.com/178

Using an iPad for School Counseling

7 09 2010

This post has nothing to do with music but I thought is was worthy of note.
Adam Clark the student counselor at Yokohama International School is piloting a program on the benefits (if any) of using an ipad for his work with students. Adam has published some of his findings thus far on his blog Freedom Philosophy in an article “Two Essential Tools for Counseling”. He is quite happy with the product thus far and describes many of the benefits he sees in using the device. Check out the full article here.

WallWisher – Collaborative Online Notice Board Share Space

27 08 2010

WallWisher is a pretty cool online notice/activity board for sharing and collaborating with others. There is no sign up cost. It works well in a classroom situation to share files of any kind with students working on a project. You can make a different board for each project. Students can add info as well in desired. Check WallWisher out and start sharing.

Learn Boost – Free Online Gradebook

12 08 2010

Learn Boost is a new online application for keeping grades. It is not only FREE but comes highly recommended by a few users I found online. They say it is easy to use with a short learning curve.

Affordable Digital USB Interfaces for GarageBand

13 07 2010

If you are looking for a simple yet effective and affordable way to input audio into GarageBand try this interesting group of products by Apogee Electronics. They have several useful interfaces for composers including a guitar interface, a single channel called the One and a two channel iput interface called the Duo.

Great Video and Pic Downloads for Education Projects

13 07 2010


I teach classes in music technology and media technology. Areas of investigation include creating audio soundtracks to video and still pics as well as video editing. I have dicovered that old TV shows are perfect for this type of project. They are fun to work with and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. One great place I found for downloads (some free) is at a site called LTV Liketelevision. They have everything from old vintage cartoons to old commercials. You can download from the pay library for minimal costs.

Fotobabble – A photo with a thousand words

6 06 2010

I have been searching for this software for a while now. I have always wanted a quick and easy online software for recording descriptive summations related to a picture. Meet Fotobabble. Upload a picture and then use the built in computer on your laptop or a USB mic to record your voice. Voila, you have a talking photo. It is easy, free, and it works. Fotobabble

Overhead Projection of Piano Keyboard & Grand Staff

23 05 2010

Classroom Maestro is one of my favorite music applications that I use in the classroom. If you have an overhead projector and screen you can let the whole class see what you are playing on a midi keyboard. It projects a piano keyboard and the keys you are playing show up in blue. Classroom Maestro by TimeWarp TechnologiesEvery classroom music teacher needs this software.