Changing from iWeb to Sandvox

6 08 2011

With Apple discontinuing their Apple iWeb software and hosting on I was looking for another replacement. There really isn’t much to choose from but there is one that I came across called Sandvox by Karelia, that allows posting without using an ftp client app like Fetch or FileZilla.

I still miss iWeb as Sandvox has less options included in the basic software (however you can buy plugins which would make it a little better), yet it is still far behind iWeb. However, it is by far the best app I could find. Adobe is probably better as it is the pro application, however I tried the trial and found the interface really clunky in design. So much so that I gave up after about 30 minutes.

I will definitely miss iWeb. I loved the ability to customize the site. Especially using a picture as a background for a page or set the color of the bachground. With Sandvox you cannot do either.

I also liked that fact that I could password protect my site when I have protected files that I only want to share with my students and not everyone on the internet.

Sandvox also links with A2Hosting for a quick and easy setup. When stumped filling in the necessary data in Sandvox’s setup window I just asked for online help and they came back within a few hours with the necessary fix. It is also offered at a competitive price.

I would also like to mention how helpful and timely A2Hosting was with their help information while I was getting set up. They always supplied me with solutions to my problems within hours of a request. Excellent service.

Check them out online and see what you think. Here is a Sandvox “Electronic Referral Kit” for your pleasure

VoiceThread – K-12 Solutions – great app for giving feedback on student projects

30 01 2010

VoiceThread is a powerful and useful web 2.0 software that is ideal for educators for feedback on finished work. Students can log on and watch or listen or view a project and give feedback in the form of video or voice recording. It works great and my students had no problem figuring things out. To get an idea of the scope of possible uses and if it is going to be useful for you check out a tutorial video on the VoiceThread homepage. Go here for an interesting and informative article about using the Educators membership for K-12 Solutions to sharing and yet keeping things private at the same time.

Update iWeb from more than one computer by using Dropbox

22 01 2010

Using Dropbox to host your iWeb site lets you update it from multiple computers. I just found this article online and am excited to give it a try as I could really make use of being able to update from more than the one computer.

Scribit – Add a question box on your blog.

22 01 2010

If you have a blog for students and you would like a way for them to ask questions take a look at Scribit. You can customize the look and then embed the question box right into your blog. It’s easy and works.

Try out Scribit

Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online

1 12 2009

Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online

YouTube claims that twenty hours of video is uploaded to its site every minute. Much of this video is created by amateur video producers. In years past if you wanted to create video, you had to have (often expensive) recording and editing equipment. Today, the web has made it possible for anyone to create and edit professional-looking content without having to purchase any special equipment or software. Creating video content is a great way to get students engaged in projects through which they can demonstrate their learning. The following are six free, web-based, resources students can use to create their own videos.

Great set of resource ideas for using video in a classroom. Find the connections embedded in the full article HERE>

12 Ways for Students to Publish Slideshows Online

1 12 2009

12 Ways for Students to Publish Slideshows Online

Creating slideshows can be an excellent way for students to summarize their learning, share their what they’ve learned, and to share their ideas. If you have students that create slideshows that you or they think should be shared with a wider audience than that of their immediate peers in the classroom, the web offers many ways to do that. The following are ten free ways for students to publish their slideshows to the web.
Original article found at Free Technology for Teachers. Go here and read the entire article online.

9 Resources for Website Evaluation Lessons

1 12 2009

9 Resources for Website Evaluation Lessons

Nine days ago I published Beyond Google, an ebooklet designed to help teachers and students improve their Internet search results. What that ebooklet didn’t include was resources for evaluating the quality of the websites that you find through Internet search engines. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of nine resources that teachers can use as part of lesson plan about evaluating the quality and reliability of a website.

The complete article is found here at Free Technology for Teachers. Read the rest online.

Big Huge Labs – Create Posters, Magazines, Puzzles and more

15 11 2009


Big Huge Labs
This is a repost of an article from Free Technology for Teachers

Big Huge Labs has been around for years, but it’s worth sharing again for those that aren’t familiar with it. Big Huge Labs provides an array of tools for showcasing your digital images in the form of a magazine cover, a poster, a puzzle, and many other forms. Using Big Huge Labs does not require any registration and you can download copies of your creations without creating an account. That said, they do offer you the option to create an account in which you can save your work. I used the magazine cover template to create a cover featuring myself and Jeff Utecht talking at NECC 2009.

Scribed and Docstock – Online Document Publishing

15 11 2009

Scribd and DocStoc are similar services that can best be described as YouTube for documents. You cannot create documents within either service rather you have to upload documents created with your preferred word processing program. Both services accept all of the common Microsoft formats, Open Office and Neo Office formats, and PDFs. Once you’ve uploaded your document it will be assigned a url and given an embed code. You can use the embed code to feature your documents on your blog or website.

Issuu – Publish Online Documents and Articles

15 11 2009

Make your publications look great online with Issuu.