Get Your Thoughts in Order with ThoughtBoxes

25 03 2011

When I start laying out a project I usually like to start with small recipe cards with ideas or words on them and then I try to rearrange them into the best order. From there I start my project.

Another thing I do is keep little post it notes on my computer. I have lists on my Google homepage. I have an idea pad. All of these things to keep track of my thoughts and ideas.

Well now I can do it online with ThoughtBoxes. It is a wonderfully simple application that allows you to do just as the name implies. You make boxes with ideas in them and you can rearrange them into lists or orders or to do lists whatever you want. Try it out and I guarantee you will be hooked.

I just organized a storyboard for a film I am making with ThoughtBoxes. It was a snap. Just moved around the story ideas on my screen until everything was in place. ThoughtBoxes application for getting yourself organized.